Safety Equipment Supplier Malaysia: Equipment Needed for a New Office

When setting up an office, there are many types of equipment that you will need to put in the office. These are things that we do not normally place at home and it may seem unfamiliar to some. Finding this equipment can be hard for someone who has no experience in getting them or do not know any suppliers who sell them. However, it can be easily found if you search on the internet.

 air freshener malaysia

Different companies will require different equipment as the business functions will be different. As a company, it is important to also ensure that there is enough equipment in your office so that your employees and clients will feel more comfortable when in the space. Click here to find out more.

On top of that, going green and protecting the environment is also important and can make or break the reputation of your company. Be sure to get equipment that is environmentally friendly and will not pollute the environment.

1. Entrance equipment

The entrance of your company is important as it makes the first impression to others of the company. First impressions are important especially to clients as it will be deeply embedded in the minds of them. Whether your entrance is clean or dirty can tell a lot about the culture of the company. Here are a few essentials you need to place at the entrance:

Garbage bins

The most common cause of littering around office compounds is the lack of garbage bins. People do not like to hold on to their rubbish for a long time. When there are not enough rubbish bins around, they will just simply litter and act as nothing happened.

Thus, it is important to place enough garbage bins around your office, especially at the entrance to make it convenient for the people coming in and out. To conserve the environment, placing recycle garbage bin that normally classifies rubbish into the glass, plastic and other waste will be helpful. You can get all this equipment from any recycle dustbin supplier in Malaysia.

Floor mats

To ensure that your entrance is always looking clean and organized, placing floor mats at the entryway would be recommended especially during rainy seasons. This can help prevent footprints and other dirt marks inside the building. You can find many types of mats from a floor mat supplier.

More specifically, PVC coil mats are a preferred choice as it is easy to clean and presentable. PVC mats are used in cars too. There are a few PVC coil mat supplier that has the mat you need. Learn more about floor mats here.

Air freshener

Nothing can get worse than having an office that smells foul. Thus, it is important to get air fresheners from air freshener supplier. They have a range of scents of your choice to freshen up space. A nice smelling office will also uplift the mood.

Q up stands

This stand is normally placed at counters near the entrance. Getting one from a Q up stand supplier can help manage the crowd in the area. This is normally used in banks and other service centre counters.

2. External compound equipment

There are a few things you need to place on the outside of your company to ensure safety.

Safety equipment

Equipment like a fire extinguisher is a form of safety equipment in the case of an emergency. There are many safety cone supplier in Malaysia that not just selling safety cone but also other safety equipment like a fire extinguisher and many more.

 safety equipment supplier malaysia

Road bums and bollards

It is important to ensure that cars entering the office compound is driving at low speed to avoid accidents. Finding rubber hump supplier and placing them every few meters on the external compound can slow down the speed of cars. Bollards from bollard supplier can also avoid cars from making the wrong turn. Check out Akasia Commercial Products to know more about the safety equipment.

3. Washroom equipment

Hygiene is the top priority thing to look out for as a company with bad hygiene can contribute to an unhealthy working environment.

Hand soap

A hand soap dispenser supplier can help install hand soap dispensers in washrooms so that people can wash their hands clean after using the toilet which carries a lot of bacteria.

soap dispenser malaysia

Tissue supply

Placing tissue in toilet stalls can save the trouble of many and allow people to use toilets in peace. If placing one tissue dispenser in every toilet stall is too much, you can opt to place one outside of the stalls for general use. This can save cost too. Tissue paper manufacturers usually use recycled paper for the tissues and sell at a cheaper price too.

Bitcoin Malaysia: The 4 Steps on How to Buy Bitcoin in Malaysia?

Don’t know how to buy cryptocurrency like Ethereum Malaysia? Click here to find out more about how to buy Ethereum coins.

Still confused about the cryptocurrency?

Don’t worry, here is a tutorial on how to buy your first ever cryptocurrency.

 bitcoin malaysia


What is all about the Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the news today more than ever.

Well, it is all thanks to skyrocketing prices and roller coasting dips.

Now, everyone is interested in learning how to buy and sell Bitcoin.

As the most well-known form of cryptocurrency in Malaysia like Bitcoin, it is now widely accepted globally around the world and has a growing number of applications.

Before that, you need to know and understand where to go and how to purchase and store Bitcoin Malaysia. Check out Blokmy Malaysia for more information about buying and selling bitcoin.

Step 1: Find a Good Bitcoin Wallet

Digital “wallet” often used to store the Bitcoin until you are ready to buy Bitcoin or exchange for another currency like Ethereum.

Wallet range regarding platforms and features that they can use.

Besides, the security features also are essential to choosing one that works for you.

You need to find your best bet is using the wallet that is automatically provided to you.

However, it is recommended to set up a wallet that is not connected or linked to exchange as that way if the exchange ever goes down or becomes rammed with traffic.

At the very worst, you still have the ready access to your bitcoin.

 buy bitcoin malaysia


Step 2: Choose the Right Bitcoin Trader

The best place to buy or sell Ethereum or another cryptocurrency is on an exchange.

There are numerous exchanges out there, with different performances.

Some can be quite limited, and some are less trustworthy than the others.

So, it is crucial to pick the right exchange if you want to buy Ethereum or other forms of digital money.

Step 3: Select Your Payment Method

Exchange accept a large variety of payment options based on what they are willing to use.

This is a sore point for many exchanges as some payment methods have been used to scam sellers for a quick buck in the past few years.

Thus, the Coinbase allows both bank account and credit card transfers for payments and one payment solution must be connected to your account before making the trade.

For your information, PayPal is not supported by Coinbase a with good reason.

 ethereum malaysia


Step 4: Purchas Some Bitcoin and Store Them in Your Wallet

Exchanges could provide you with the information on how many or how much of the Bitcoin you could purchase for specific sums of money.

Conversely, due to its volatile nature, the price of Bitcoin can be varying dramatically by exchange and from moment to moment. Learn more from here.

In other words, even if you have a lot of money to burn, you will probably be buying a fraction of a Bitcoin.

To make your ever first trade, input the amount of Bitcoin that you want to purchase in the stored field and click the ‘buy’ button.

Moreover, this would be the basis “market” buy order, which will buy Bitcoin at the best market rate on Coinbase Pro or Coinbase.

Alternatively, you also could place a “limit” order, which will let you set the price that you are willing to pay for a certain amount.

And the trade will only happen if the amount shows up at that price.

Once you have made you purchased your new Bitcoin will be stored in your Coinbase wallet.

Penetration Test Service: A General View of Penetration Testing

In recent years, the internet is becoming more dangerous and technology continues to advance. As the saying goes, the internet is just like a double-edged sword. There has been an increase of cybercrime cases in Malaysia as hackers are obtaining the latest technology to hack into systems for various reasons. Click here to find out more on how to prevent the cases from happening.

These cybercrimes are usually involving computer and other devices where the computers and other devices are integral to the offence such as online fraud or identity theft.  Common types of cybercrime include hacking, online scams and fraud, identity theft, attacks on computer systems and illegal or prohibited online content.

 forensic malaysia

It is sad to see how there are people misusing the advantages of the internet to do harmful things. The next best thing that we can do to counter this issue is to prevent things from happening. When the damage is done, it is hard to revert things back. This can be done with the help of the pentest company in Malaysia and is especially an important procedure for companies carrying private data. There are many penetrations testing companies that provide multiple services that can help you counter many types of cybercrime.

Which companies need penetration testing?

Depending on the size and nature of a company, not all company will require a penetration testing service provider to help. Some companies have their own IT department where they are knowledgeable about cybersecurity. Penetration testing consists of a more complex and foolproof way of preventing your system from attacks.

it security malaysia

Besides the size of the company, some companies are required by law to have a pen test. This would apply to companies like digital forensic Malaysia companies and computer forensics companies as they heavily rely on confidential data. With the execution of penetration testing on companies, it will improve the defense mechanism of forensic services as the leak of any information can do a lot of damage and even turn into a political issue. Check out LGMS Malaysia for the most experienced forensic service provider.

Generally, penetration testing can get very costly. Thus, if not required by law, companies that are big will be able to afford and may perform this test on an annual basis. However, companies that are small to the medium may never perform this test, or at most once per two years. Those companies that are required by law to do so such as PCI DSS companies have no choice but to pay a sum for the tests. There are usually long-term contracts for companies like this so that the price can be kept lower.

What other things does a penetration testing company provide

Besides the usual penetration testing, these companies also provide training for IT security in Malaysia for the relevant staffs of the company, especially the IT team. It is important to educate the staffs on the cause and effects of cybercrimes and the importance of prevention. Then, the IT team would be taught on the basic prevention and recovery methods of a cybercrime. Besides that, the cask training course is available for companies to choose from and see which one is the most suitable for them. Upon completion, they would receive a cox certification training in Malaysia.

 cybersecurity malaysia

To summarize, it is always important to find the top pen test companies to help improve your system and avoid cybercrimes. The type of test that will be performed includes targeting testing, external testing, and internal testing. With these tests, there are a few steps to figure out if there are any possible threats to the company’s externally visible servers like domain name server (DNS), firewalls and email servers. It is finding the loopholes in the system and solving it to make it foolproof.

Nightlife: Places To Go At Night in Kuala Lumpur

Not everyone that lives at hectic and bustling cities gets to enjoy to their best of Kuala Lumpur nightlife activities. But for some people, going to have some cheap beer at some pubs with some best happy hour is the best way to enjoy their own nightlife.

The city like Kuala Lumpur definitely can offer more for you to enjoy your best night. Especially if you are looking for some attractive and nice looking event space in KL, definitely you can get some very unique design event space to enjoy your nightlife activities.

As everyone knows that when the night draws in KL, the city is still alive and becoming vibrant. Hence, the city still could offer you the best places to visit and things to do at night. Visit and check out Marini’s On 57 for the best nightlife activities you can find in Kuala Lumpur

1. SkyBar

If you a person that fancy a relaxing evening with some cocktail or two while gazing at those illuminated wonders of Malaysia’s Petronas Twin Tower, SkyBar at the Traders Hotel might become the place you are looking for. It is named as the best rooftop bar in KL, Malaysia in the year of 2007 edition of the Malaysian Tatler Magazine. SkyBar provides a space for you to kick back, relax and unwind.

You may get yourself relax with the chic and cosmopolitan atmosphere high above the city. You also may enjoy the happy hour promotion in Kuala Lumpur by grabbing some signature cocktail that designed especially by an international team of mixologist while boasting with intoxicating views of the heart of KL.
best buy malaysia happy hour

2. Changkat Bukit Bintang

Looking forward to the Wednesday ladies night in Kuala Lumpur? You sure would not want to miss out the Changkat Bukit Bintang. There are numerous clubs, bars, discos and some fine dining restaurants in KL lined both sides of the street making it one of the hot spots for especially for local, expats and foreigners as well. This is definitely a place for you to enjoy your night to the fullest with some best nightlife experience while hanging out with some of your crazy friends.

happy hour promotion in kl

3. Petaling Street Market

The famous Petaling Street Market which located in the core area of Chinatown. It is the place where you may find a multitude of knock-off goods which including t-shirts, bags, watches and the occasional fruit and multiple food stalls. Even some of the best local hawkers and restaurants serving some tantalizing Chinese foods that surely melt down your taste buds.  The bright coloured table that covered the roadside table indicating that you may able to sit down to enjoy the local Chinese dishes with some cold beer. You also can stuff yourself with some street foods that can be found ubiquitously at Jalan Hang Lekir.

4. Petronas Twin Towers

Petronas Twin Towers used to be the world tallest skyscraper in the world and is one of the favourite places among the youngster to spend their nightlife here. There is also a popular sky bridge walkway that links the 42nd floors of both of these towers that makes this tower even more unique and wonderful. You may capture some “Instagram-worthy” photos with the beautiful sight and shimmering high tower that touch the skies. Just by looking at the Petronas Twin Towers during the night time will make you feel surreal with all those grand lights and the shining colour of light emits all over the tower. Besides, you also can be strolling and do some window-shopping at the luxury mall of Suria KLCC inside the tower. You may also enjoy some of the best Italian restaurants in one of the restaurants at KLCC while enjoying the night away.

italian restaurant in kl

How to Select The Best Internet Service Provider in Malaysia

Over the past decades, the Internet has become part and parcel in everyone daily life. With the internet, the distance between loved ones and prospective international business partners are kept short with just a video call. The ten lengthy volumes worth of scholastic knowledge can be downloaded within seconds. Even finding the hidden café at the corner of the street behind one of those old, abandoned blocks would be a big challenge anymore. Indeed, the internet has undertaken a role in everyone daily lives which promises a more convenience, ease and boundless knowledge.

Everyone Need Internet Everywhere

That goes without saying; Malaysians basically need to the internet to survive their day. Malaysian loves the internet. Without the Internet, people are just found it difficult to go past a day without it. You definitely need to subscribe to the best internet package in order to surf the website or any other popular social media platforms. You need the best coverage of the internet to access Facebook – What else could you do when you are stuck in the massive traffic jams or in queues? You also need internet to access WhatsApp or WeChat – otherwise how you are going to keep yourselves occupied when you are bored out of your wits? You have to access the daily news and gossip sites, or how else you are going to keep yourself updated? Besides, how you going to shop online when you don’t have internet? It is going to be frustrating and stressful to live without internet.

time wifi

Which Types of Internet Broadband User You Are?

Before subscribing any internet from internet business, you should know what kind of internet plan that you really need. Each of the broadband plans did come with the different packages, prices and perks for a reason. Let’s figure out which type of user you are to know which better the kind of broadband that suits you the best.

times internet package

Let’s take example on TIME’s home broadband plan that they have been introduced in TIME dot com official website.

1. Broadband for beginners

If you are using broadband for the first time, you definitely could not estimate the capacity of your usage. If you are using TIME home broadband, you can’t measure the speed and coverage with the TIME WIFI that using fibre powered by fibre optic internet.

It is completely different for TIME home broadband with the TIME Fibre optic internet. You need to consider the plan that offers how many GB if you ever need to download some video clips and do some uploading. Usually, the cheapest with the lowest data allocation, this plan is highly suitable for the user who is seeking for basic internet without having to pay through the nose.

However, regardless of the packages, you still can experience at stable TIME coverage and connection speed. Where this is the values that guaranteed by the company itself.

2. Broadband for gamers and movie buffs

Are you someone who likely to spend most of the evening at home, streaming the entire series of your favourite TV show or Korean dramas, or playing a popular online game? Sound familiar?  Then congratulation – you basically are a serial broadband user.

Thus, you need fibre optic broadband that is capable to deliver a significant faster download speed. It is also important to choose the internet package that offered an unlimited download limit as it helps you to enjoy seamless streaming and downloads. In addition, it also helps you to avoid from being charged for exceeding the allowance or quota.

time dot com

Have a successful business event with the help of an event organizer in KL

Are you looking for an event management company with the ability to produce your event in a fashion which reflects the mission and vision of your business and brand as a style for your clients?

It involves deep research to be carried out so as to find the best event company in Malaysia. It is not a hard task to carry out because all you have to remember is looking for companies with good track records when it comes to running and planning different event types.

event management kuala lumpur

Who employes event companies?

Normally, big firms employ a well-known event planner in Malaysia working with different clients and individuals. International corporate functions work with experts in handling holiday parties and events, quarterly events, appreciation parties, product launches, and other events.

annual dinner organizer kuala lumpur

You will also find an event planning company that every other company looks for and is help privately to produce and design events and shows to showcase their services and products. Considering the condition of the economy that many businesses and countries are currently facing, even big players can get the best from their investments. When you choose to invest in an event planning agency Kuala Lumpur with repute, you need to be sure that you are getting services that are beyond and above your expectations and can easily produce encouraging results which are excellent for the brand and image of the company and the image of the business.

Why you need an event planner

A creative event planning agency is the best partner when you are looking for a way of getting clients to look forward to attending the next company fair. They understand that the best way to achieve this is making the sure great invitation, especially when you are launching a novel service or product. They can come up with essential ways of grabbing the attention of your recipients. In case you are not sure of the way to start, do not end up spoiling everything. Do not waste any time and start looking for an event organizer in KL. Employing one will make sure with only one invitation; the effective event planner will capture the imagination of invited guests and will excite them about attending your event.

It is crucial for you to understand and know your purpose for you to relay it to the corporate event organizer in Kuala Lumpur to know your expectations. When they know what you want, you can then choose the theme for the occasion. It does not make sense to know so many people who lack the enthusiasm of ball rolling and they just go for plain, simple, and boring invitations. These individuals do not understand scrimping on the budget will not get people in the mood of looking forward to or attending the event.

The right annual dinner organizer Kuala Lumpur Company has the solution and concept that fits all types of events. Why should you miss out on the opportunity of inspiring people and your guests while you can communicate with them in a very good fashion through a planned affair?

The event company management team will not only run around during the event but also ensure that catering and entertainment are up to the task. Taking charge of media and security is also the responsibility of this company. Also, on the big day, they make sure that everything is running as planned. Their task does not end there as they need to take care of décor and lighting, transport, security, and hotel reservations. In short, it helps to employ the best event management company.

event company in kl

There are several ways of knowing that the event company Malaysia you are opting for is worth your event. The current era has internet meaning you can go online to view a list of profiles from different event organizers in KL. Do a background check before fixing an appointment to see what they can give you. A meeting will give you an idea of the company. Let them give you a presentation about their thoughts and creativity.


Panduan Untuk Pembeli Rumah Pertama Malaysia

Ramai yang mempersoalkan bagaiman cara atau tips beli rumah pertama dengan kadar pinjaman yang rendah. Ada juga yang tertanya-tanya bagaimana cara kira loan rumah dan cara mengira kelayakkan pinjaman perumahan. Patutkah menggunakan pinjaman peribadi atau terus menyewa rumah, sering menjadi satu isu yang sering didebatkan. Semua itu sebenarnya tidak mustahil walaupun bergaji rendah dan memiliki kewangan yang terhad. Sebenarnya kita juga boleh melabur dalam bidang hartanah. Yang penting sekali, anda haruslah bijak mencari strategi dan rajinkan diri untuk mencari ilmu serta mengkaji cara, panduan dan tips beli rumah pertama dan hartanah. Untuk mereka yang ingin belajar seperti golongan muda yang belum mempunyai pengalaman dan pegetahuan bab-bab hartanah, anda disarankan membaca dan membuat kajian tentang hal ehwal hartanah sebelum membelinya.

Panduan Membeli Rumah Pertama

Ada orang kata susahnya untuk beli rumah tetapi pelik tak kenapa masih ada orang boleh beli banyak rumah sedangkan gaji anda dengan mereka sama sahaja? Secara amnya, panduannya sangat mudah. Mereka tahu apa yang bank suka, jenis rumah yang berguna dengan strategi yang ada. Mereka ada ilmu. Marilah selongkarkan rahsia dan belarkar bersama-sama tentant ilmi-ilmu tersebut. But ikut langkah-langkah ini dan elakkan menggunakan jalan pintas! Berikut adalah langkah-langkah persiapan awal sebelum membeli rumah pertama

1. Pilih Lokasi Yang Sesuai

Salah satu soalan utama yang perlu ditanya kepada diri sendiri ialah di mana lokasi hartanh yang ingin debeli. Persoalan ini akan menjadi berbeza bergantung kepada jenis pembeli tersebut. Jika pembeli tersebut adalah atas tujuan untuk duduk sendiri, maka persoalan yang akan dipenuhi selalunya, jarak kedai dengan rumah dan kemudahan-kemudahan yang disediakan berhampiran lokasi rumah.

pinjaman perumahan swasta

2. Pilih Rumah Ikut Kemampuan

Sememangnya hajat dan cita-cita setiap individu kita inginkan sebuah rumah banglo dengan tanah yang luas atau parking yang banyak. Namun, tidak semua yang kita hajatkan dalam hidup ini tidak boleh dicapai dengan mudah. Jadi, sebagai panduan, tentukan jenis rumah yang sesuai dengan kapasiti pembelian kita. Jika anda ingin menjimatkan kos, anda juga boleh memohon skim yang disyorkan oleh pihak kerajaan untik memiliki rumah mampu milik.

3. Semak Kelayakan Pinjaman

Berkait rapat dengan kemampuan membeli hartanah, anda boleh semak kelayakkan pinjaman dengan mudah. Anda juga dapat bertanya dengan pegawai bank tentang sebanyak mana pinjaman islamik yang boleh anda perolehi. Selain itu, anda juga boleh bertanyakan soalan bagaimana cara untuk mengira dengan meggunakan kalkulator loan rumah. Antara soalan yang sering ditanya ialah pendapatan dan komitment bulanan.

4. Tetapkan Objektif Pembelian Rumah

Ini berkaitan rapat dengan objektif memilih lokasi satu hartanah tersebut. Segmen utama pembeli hartanah ialah samada pembeli merupakan seorang pelabur atau duduk sendiri. Maka, pastikan matlamat membeli hartanah anda itu jelas.

5. Pakej Pembelian Rumah Pertama

Salah satu pakej yang boleh anda bertimbangkan ialah KWSP. Jika anda tidak tahu, sebenarnya anda boleh mengeluarkan jumlah tertentu dari KWSP untuk membeli rumah anda. Tetapi ada juga syaratnya, klik sini untuk mengetahui apakah syarat pengeluaran kwsp untuk beli rumah.

Selain itu, terdapat banyak pakej-pakej menarik yang ditawarkan oleh pihak bank dan kerajaan kepada pembeli rumah. Sebagai contoh, Bank Simpanan Nasional BSN ada menawarkan kadar pinjaman 100% kepada pembeli rumah pertama. Ini sedikit sebanyak dapat membantu dan memudahkan anda untuk tidak perlu menyediakan deposit 10% dalam membeli rumah. Kerajaan juga ada menyediakan insentif dan perkenalkan produk polisi yang membantu pembeli rumah pertama. Sebagai contoh PR1MA, disasarkan kepada pembeli rumah pertama. Ketahui pakej dan keistimewaan yang disediakan kepada anda sebagai pembeli rumah pertama.

pinjaman perumahan kerajaan


6. Prosedur Beli Rumah

Ini merupakan hal yang sangat penting untuk anda ketahui secara asas proses yang terlibat dari mula anda membayar deposit sebagai tanda jadi beli. Seterusnya, terdapat beberapa proses yang akan terlibat dalam pembelian hartanah yang akan dilalui bergantung kepada jenis dokumen hak milik dan jenis pegangan hartanah tersebut.

pinjaman islamik


Guide to Malaysian Traditional Chinese Wedding

It is undeniable that Chinese wedding traditions hold such important meanings that unite the two families. Every culture has their own form of ceremonies for family and friends to witness and celebrate the union of 2 people from very different beginnings. During the ancient times, many rituals and practices were performed along the wedding ceremony.

Nowadays, many traditions have been narrowed down to a few key ones which have been incorporated with the modern-style wedding day activities. From the fashion to accessories, you almost could find anything of these easily at any Chinese bridal shop or wedding accessories shop in Malaysia. Nevertheless, these traditions are highly esteemed and regarded as crucial and meaningful part to a wedding.

chinese wedding shop malaysia

1. Betrothal Gifts

In Chinese culture, Guo Da Li (过大礼) is one the important event where the groom officially delivers wedding gifts to the bride’s family on a chosen auspicious day to show his sincerity in marrying their daughter. Although it may sound simple, Guo Da Li actually has a significant meaning and history behind it. In layman terms, you could call it a form of blessing. But for Chinese, it has a deep symbolical representation of good luck and prosperity. Today’s new modern age generation couples probably will not have the idea what it is really meant or don’t know what are the items to purchase and give as part of the gift.

qun kua rental malaysia

2. Setting up Matrimonial Bed (An Chuang)

In Chinese customary wedding, “An Chuang” means setting up of the matrimonial bed.

What is the meaning of An Chuang Ceremony?

“An” in Chinese literally means for safe or secure. Thus, it is to represent a blessing to have a complete family in harmony. For some people, it is also a symbol for a blessing to have many offsprings.

An Chuang Requirements:

You will need a new pair of wedding lamps. Besides, you also need a new bed and bed sheets. It is preferably red or other brighter colours. No dark colours are allowed. You could look for those items and accessories at Chinese wedding shops in Malaysia.

3. Tea Ceremony

In the western’s solemnization wedding ceremony, the tea ceremony in China would be its counterpart. This is the time when the bride and the groom meet each other’s family. The family of the groom is the one first visited where the teas will be served to who family member from highest seniority ranking. The couple will go to the bride’s family to pay respect. In this event, the bride should wear the Kua or a traditional wedding dress in China as she returns to her family’s home. Besides, there are certain rules that govern the Chinese tea ceremony. This is including the brewing if tea in red dates and longans fruit and using tea set in the dowry basket.

chinese wedding dress malaysia

4. Wedding Dress

The typical wedding dress in Malaysia for Chinese usually is called Qun Kwa, Chinese wedding Kua. Qun Kwa is auspicious of bright red gown that wears by the bride. The bright red gown is elaborately adorned with exquisite embroidery or beading of the floral and rejoicing dragon and Phoenix that symbolise for eternal love. The Qun is the long skirt, while the Gua or Kwa refers to the Chinese-style top coat. Nowadays, there are many online bridal shops or Qun Kwa rental shop that sell a variety of design, pattern and colours of the Chinese wedding dress.


The Best Furniture Shop in Johor Bahru for Home Furnishing Needs

furniture malaysia

In most cases, there are many household owners have the need of buying furniture and home décor items which is essential to enhance the visual and comfort of a household space.
In these days, there is something that household owners could not escape from; due to having minimal objects has become a basic part of a life. Furniture shop Malaysia provides many furnishing to those individuals that want to remodel their homes with a new style of designer furniture in Malaysia.


dining table malaysia

JB Furniture Shop Offerings Caters to Household Needs

A furniture shop in Johor Bahru come across various homes furnishing in different sizes and designs to accommodate the space in a room. Buying furniture is considered to be a tedious task, in which it requires a lot of time and effort in order to select the best-fit furnishing for a home.
Besides that, it is always good to have several insights and idea carried out on research before making the actual purchase of contemporary furniture Johor Bahru. There are many specialize furniture shop in a wide variety of stylish, high quality and modern furnishing.
In addition, they also provide proficient designer furniture Kuala Lumpur with experience and comprises of a team of an expert technician with strict quality assurance and disciplined production management system to generate a great result for furniture.
Johor Bahru’s have many renowned furniture stores that offer a great selection of top quality household furnishings that comes in a various range from basic provisions of life to luxury items.
In fact, they also cater to all household furniture needs in such of, fabric & leather sofa set Malaysia, modern dining table Malaysia, and mattress sale promotion in Malaysia. These furnishings stores operate in a model of four furniture outlet, as their purpose is to serve their value customer with a wider expansion of a variety of furniture matter.


designer furniture malaysia

Benefits of Sofa Set, Modern Dining Table Set & Bed Mattress in Malaysia

Having a stylish sofa set furnishing would be nice for household owners as they can ensure to have the capability to be converted into a bed at night. This reason is to fully utilize the furnishings of the sofa instead of just coming by and use it for interactions whenever there is a visit. Besides that, a fashionable fabric sofa or leather sofa can be the best place to lay on after return from a tiring work at labour.
Dining table in Malaysia is important in a household space; it is because there is no one wants a dining room that looks like a dump from the lack of space. This will become a constant irritation area of a household. Despite that, it made individual fear from a surprise visit. On top of that, buying an up to date dining table set Malaysia that fits perfectly will be great and will be always guest ready round the clock.
Mattress sale Malaysia will help household owners to enhance their room space, as they are selling the variety of design and sizes that will fit perfectly. In fact, mattress sale promotion in Malaysia also offers a storage bed where it does not take up additional space in a narrow space and store other bed furnishings safely.
Purchase of contemporary furniture Johor Bahru. There are specialize furniture shop in a wide variety of stylish, high quality and modern furnishing to accommodate the space in a room.


3 Ways to advertise your Corporate Video Production Malaysia

As you know, keeping up with the trend has always being a challenging tasked especially in the business world. Neglecting the opportunity to change for better sake would be a grave mistake even for the giant corporations.

This is because staying with the current also meant keeping up with the rapidly changing technologies will be a crucial moment in leading the race against the other competitors.

Therefore, you could utilise the use of technology and the online platform to advertise your business online as the majority of corporate video production in Malaysia have been using the online platform to leverage their business.

There is a thousand easier and more affordable way to effectively advertise your business online without spending a fortune on the marketing.

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  1. Social Media

It would be unwise to overlook the influence of social media in helping you to grow business globally and attain more potential profit.

An effective marketing strategy is not just about the meticulous planning but how the impact of the strategy could deliver a unique and deep impression to the potential customers.

In fact, much other business corporate using social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as one their platforms to create specific advertisements and promoting the messages.

Ask any top videographer in Malaysia, they often using their own social media channel to promoting their content and gaining tremendous follower thanks to its effectiveness.

Furthermore, the majority of film production company in Malaysia adopting the use of social networks to promote their film or movies which are proven to be an effective method that could engage the viewer on a larger scale.

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  1. Make an Informational graphics

For your information, YouTube held the record as the second largest search engine in the world! This makes that the strategy of using video advertising king of the kings.

In a matter of fact:

  • 93% of marketers are using video for their campaigns.
  • 84% are using video for website marketing.
  • 82% confirmed that video brings a positive impact on the business.


The stats don’t lie! Basically, it is an entirely new way of reaching your target audiences! The method of using the informational graphics or also known as infographics, that using visually display data that make this method to be easy to understand.

This form of communication has become a popular method as humans tend to remember 70% of what that see and hear. Many video production companies in Malaysia opt to use this form of strategy to advertise and viral their video post-production in Malaysia via YouTube.

Although YouTube does provide a free way to distribute promotional video on this platform, the vital factor that determines its effectiveness is when you put up the content that people want to view and relevant to your business.

Just by a simple advertisement eventually will not work and could backfire as it could capture your audience attention. Thus, be authentic and creative in creating a video content which will become your own core competency of your business.

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  1. Consider business affiliate or influencer

Collaborating with the business affiliate or with someone influential like popular bloggers is another alternative way of promoting your business.

By reaching out and working together with popular bloggers is one of the effective ways to market your business online as it could increase the brand awareness.

There is numerous event management company in Malaysia find the popular blogger to writes about a particular subject that directly correlates to your line of business.

It is a type of collaborative advertising as if you could help them to add value to their post while they will be asked to review your product or service through their blog.

Perhaps, the great review could help you to gain a terrific publicity and boosting your reputation.

In addition, you also could collaborate with the event companies in Malaysia to share and advertise your products or services.

This is a very good option to get discovered by others and eventually get some traffic. You could hold a contest through the event which indirectly promoting your product with the audience right on the spot.


In shorts, those marketing techniques will take time and won’t give instant sales or traffic in a short period.

But as long as you are passionate about what you are doing and able to add value, you will have a fruitful result as the effects will build up over time