How to Select The Best Internet Service Provider in Malaysia

Over the past decades, the Internet has become part and parcel in everyone daily life. With the internet, the distance between loved ones and prospective international business partners are kept short with just a video call. The ten lengthy volumes worth of scholastic knowledge can be downloaded within seconds. Even finding the hidden café at the corner of the street behind one of those old, abandoned blocks would be a big challenge anymore. Indeed, the internet has undertaken a role in everyone daily lives which promises a more convenience, ease and boundless knowledge.

Everyone Need Internet Everywhere

That goes without saying; Malaysians basically need to the internet to survive their day. Malaysian loves the internet. Without the Internet, people are just found it difficult to go past a day without it. You definitely need to subscribe to the best internet package in order to surf the website or any other popular social media platforms. You need the best coverage of the internet to access Facebook – What else could you do when you are stuck in the massive traffic jams or in queues? You also need internet to access WhatsApp or WeChat – otherwise how you are going to keep yourselves occupied when you are bored out of your wits? You have to access the daily news and gossip sites, or how else you are going to keep yourself updated? Besides, how you going to shop online when you don’t have internet? It is going to be frustrating and stressful to live without internet.

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Which Types of Internet Broadband User You Are?

Before subscribing any internet from internet business, you should know what kind of internet plan that you really need. Each of the broadband plans did come with the different packages, prices and perks for a reason. Let’s figure out which type of user you are to know which better the kind of broadband that suits you the best.

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Let’s take example on TIME’s home broadband plan that they have been introduced in TIME dot com official website.

1. Broadband for beginners

If you are using broadband for the first time, you definitely could not estimate the capacity of your usage. If you are using TIME home broadband, you can’t measure the speed and coverage with the TIME WIFI that using fibre powered by fibre optic internet.

It is completely different for TIME home broadband with the TIME Fibre optic internet. You need to consider the plan that offers how many GB if you ever need to download some video clips and do some uploading. Usually, the cheapest with the lowest data allocation, this plan is highly suitable for the user who is seeking for basic internet without having to pay through the nose.

However, regardless of the packages, you still can experience at stable TIME coverage and connection speed. Where this is the values that guaranteed by the company itself.

2. Broadband for gamers and movie buffs

Are you someone who likely to spend most of the evening at home, streaming the entire series of your favourite TV show or Korean dramas, or playing a popular online game? Sound familiar?  Then congratulation – you basically are a serial broadband user.

Thus, you need fibre optic broadband that is capable to deliver a significant faster download speed. It is also important to choose the internet package that offered an unlimited download limit as it helps you to enjoy seamless streaming and downloads. In addition, it also helps you to avoid from being charged for exceeding the allowance or quota.

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