Guide to Malaysian Traditional Chinese Wedding

It is undeniable that Chinese wedding traditions hold such important meanings that unite the two families. Every culture has their own form of ceremonies for family and friends to witness and celebrate the union of 2 people from very different beginnings. During the ancient times, many rituals and practices were performed along the wedding ceremony.

Nowadays, many traditions have been narrowed down to a few key ones which have been incorporated with the modern-style wedding day activities. From the fashion to accessories, you almost could find anything of these easily at any Chinese bridal shop or wedding accessories shop in Malaysia. Nevertheless, these traditions are highly esteemed and regarded as crucial and meaningful part to a wedding.

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1. Betrothal Gifts

In Chinese culture, Guo Da Li (过大礼) is one the important event where the groom officially delivers wedding gifts to the bride’s family on a chosen auspicious day to show his sincerity in marrying their daughter. Although it may sound simple, Guo Da Li actually has a significant meaning and history behind it. In layman terms, you could call it a form of blessing. But for Chinese, it has a deep symbolical representation of good luck and prosperity. Today’s new modern age generation couples probably will not have the idea what it is really meant or don’t know what are the items to purchase and give as part of the gift.

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2. Setting up Matrimonial Bed (An Chuang)

In Chinese customary wedding, “An Chuang” means setting up of the matrimonial bed.

What is the meaning of An Chuang Ceremony?

“An” in Chinese literally means for safe or secure. Thus, it is to represent a blessing to have a complete family in harmony. For some people, it is also a symbol for a blessing to have many offsprings.

An Chuang Requirements:

You will need a new pair of wedding lamps. Besides, you also need a new bed and bed sheets. It is preferably red or other brighter colours. No dark colours are allowed. You could look for those items and accessories at Chinese wedding shops in Malaysia.

3. Tea Ceremony

In the western’s solemnization wedding ceremony, the tea ceremony in China would be its counterpart. This is the time when the bride and the groom meet each other’s family. The family of the groom is the one first visited where the teas will be served to who family member from highest seniority ranking. The couple will go to the bride’s family to pay respect. In this event, the bride should wear the Kua or a traditional wedding dress in China as she returns to her family’s home. Besides, there are certain rules that govern the Chinese tea ceremony. This is including the brewing if tea in red dates and longans fruit and using tea set in the dowry basket.

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4. Wedding Dress

The typical wedding dress in Malaysia for Chinese usually is called Qun Kwa, Chinese wedding Kua. Qun Kwa is auspicious of bright red gown that wears by the bride. The bright red gown is elaborately adorned with exquisite embroidery or beading of the floral and rejoicing dragon and Phoenix that symbolise for eternal love. The Qun is the long skirt, while the Gua or Kwa refers to the Chinese-style top coat. Nowadays, there are many online bridal shops or Qun Kwa rental shop that sell a variety of design, pattern and colours of the Chinese wedding dress.


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