Domino Salted Egg Pizza: The New Way of Healthy Eating Pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular options for fast food that could grab on any occasion.

Whether it is for the takeaway pizza or dine in, it always becomes the people all-time favourite, especially the Domino salted egg pizza.

In fact, the popularity if the salted egg pizza is undisputable.

There are many of the Malaysian also hunting for the best Domino’s Eggstra Royale Pizza after it launched.

Domino’s Salted Egg Pizza

Nowadays, you could search for your favourite pizza easily with just a click or swipe on your smart device.

All you need to do afterwards is wait for your Dominos salted egg royale pizza to be delivered straight to your front door.

As a matter of fact, it is quite arduous to search out for the ‘bad’ pizza.

When it comes to pizzas, there is nothing that could beat the love for the pizza.

Unfortunately, pizza often gets a quite nasty reputation that related to binge eating.

When people consider for healthy food, pizza or salted egg cheese stick often being neglected or won’t make it to the list.

However, if you are having a few slices of pizza once the night out, it still has some of the health edges.

Health Benefits of Pizza

although pizza is well-known as fast food, the reality is there are still some health benefits in consuming pizza.

Form the vast array of choices like Royale Cheesy Stix or pizza toppings that available on the pizza restaurant, and it actually could facilitate it to cater to your healthy lifestyle.

Besides, you even could create a healthier meal by having the pizza sets with the dish like salted egg chicken wing on the facet.

1. Not All Pizza Is Made Equally

This is something undeniable where most people appear to be perceived pizza as one of the unhealthy nourishments and lump it together with the fries or burger.

In fact, one of the most significant health benefits that people often neglected is the pizza is not made by fried.

Scientifically, fast food usually is made in deep fried which make it contains extremely high amounts of saturated oil and fat.

These factors are usually led to a variety of critical health problems like obesity as well as cancer.

Salted Egg Chicken Wing

Therefore, once you are getting ready to have some “cheat day” with pizza, you also might try the finger-licking salted egg chicken wing with a savoury taste.

  1. High Nutrient in Pizza

Apparently, the increasing of the green vegetable intake Is recommended when you are attempting to follow a healthy lifestyle.

And of course, the pizza that was containing an abundant of nutrient-packed vegetables is the ideal meal to have.

Moreover, the tomatoes which are the part and parcel ingredient in pizza make the pizza appear to be healthier as it contains a high amount of Lycopene.

Salted egg royale pizza

Lycopene is a potent antioxidant that helps the human antibody to fight against the cancer cell.

Lycopene also has been discovered to be beneficial to the skin, heart, blood vessels as well as bones.

When the tomatoes are cooked for the pizza or made it into the sauce, the lycopene level in tomatoes still intact and make it easy for the human body to absorb it.

Also, there is another golden material that should not be miss in pizza is the cheese, of course!

Cheese is considered as one of the necessary ingredients for the pizza as it contains high calcium vitamin A and protein.



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