Coworking Space Malaysia: Different Types of Office Spaces for You

Today, the internet has allowed many people to work from home. This is because things are becoming increasingly convenient online and many things can be done online today. This includes paying bills, making transactions, checking your bills and many more. Things that needed to be done physically back then can now all be done online. With that, many businesses have also moved online or integrated the internet into their business. Given the competitive environment, if a business fails to do so, it will struggle to survive. Check out CEO Suites for more information.

Back in the day, offices were important when running a business as every business would need a place for the team to gather and work on something. Those offices referred to the traditional types of office space for rent where it is located in a building or a shop lot. Now, offices have evolved to come in many forms due to the technological changes. Many start-up companies have also emerged, meaning that team sizes may be smaller and only small office space is needed. Thus, depending on the type of business you own, there are many types of office for rent in Kuala Lumpur.

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1. Virtual office

A virtual office is like owning a business address, but you don’t have to necessarily work from that location. This caters to people that hold freelancing jobs and digital marketing, online designers, IT-related jobs and others. To further clarify, this means that your main office where you work from can be at your very own home but have your business office address located at a famous business building or area. There will often be one or two receptionists at the business location to answer calls and arrange meetings.

This makes it less virtual and more trustable to clients. Having a virtual office brings many benefits as it allows you to work from home while seeming like a legit business. Make sure to find yourself the cheapest virtual office in KL. Learn more about the virtual office here.

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2. Coworking spaces

Coworking is a form of describing a shared space with other people. It is similar to a collaborative environment. Coworking spaces are usually created by a person for other people or business use.

The person would usually buy down space in an office building or shop lot and renovate it to have nice interior design with a conducive environment for people to work in. After the renovation is done, these spaces are rented out to companies or people who need them either on a monthly or annually basis. There are many coworking spaces as it is easier to access for everyone. Locating your office in a central location would be more convenient for people to come around and meet.

Since this will be a substitute for actual office spaces, a meeting room for rent will be available too. These rooms can be rented out on an hourly basis to support any group meetings. They also provide the option of renting it out on a monthly or annually basis. If you are a company that relies on co-working spaces, make sure to book the spots in advance to avoid the happenings of not having a proper office space. Click here to find out more.

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3. Serviced offices

Service offices refer to a fully furnished office space. Today, a serviced office is a popular choice as it is a cheap and most importantly convenient way to have an office. This is because everything is provided when you rent or purchase a space. The serviced office also offers shorter rent terms, allowing businesses a flexible choice.

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