Safety Equipment Supplier Malaysia: Equipment Needed for a New Office

When setting up an office, there are many types of equipment that you will need to put in the office. These are things that we do not normally place at home and it may seem unfamiliar to some. Finding this equipment can be hard for someone who has no experience in getting them or do not know any suppliers who sell them. However, it can be easily found if you search on the internet.

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Different companies will require different equipment as the business functions will be different. As a company, it is important to also ensure that there is enough equipment in your office so that your employees and clients will feel more comfortable when in the space. Click here to find out more.

On top of that, going green and protecting the environment is also important and can make or break the reputation of your company. Be sure to get equipment that is environmentally friendly and will not pollute the environment.

1. Entrance equipment

The entrance of your company is important as it makes the first impression to others of the company. First impressions are important especially to clients as it will be deeply embedded in the minds of them. Whether your entrance is clean or dirty can tell a lot about the culture of the company. Here are a few essentials you need to place at the entrance:

Garbage bins

The most common cause of littering around office compounds is the lack of garbage bins. People do not like to hold on to their rubbish for a long time. When there are not enough rubbish bins around, they will just simply litter and act as nothing happened.

Thus, it is important to place enough garbage bins around your office, especially at the entrance to make it convenient for the people coming in and out. To conserve the environment, placing recycle garbage bin that normally classifies rubbish into the glass, plastic and other waste will be helpful. You can get all this equipment from any recycle dustbin supplier in Malaysia.

Floor mats

To ensure that your entrance is always looking clean and organized, placing floor mats at the entryway would be recommended especially during rainy seasons. This can help prevent footprints and other dirt marks inside the building. You can find many types of mats from a floor mat supplier.

More specifically, PVC coil mats are a preferred choice as it is easy to clean and presentable. PVC mats are used in cars too. There are a few PVC coil mat supplier that has the mat you need. Learn more about floor mats here.

Air freshener

Nothing can get worse than having an office that smells foul. Thus, it is important to get air fresheners from air freshener supplier. They have a range of scents of your choice to freshen up space. A nice smelling office will also uplift the mood.

Q up stands

This stand is normally placed at counters near the entrance. Getting one from a Q up stand supplier can help manage the crowd in the area. This is normally used in banks and other service centre counters.

2. External compound equipment

There are a few things you need to place on the outside of your company to ensure safety.

Safety equipment

Equipment like a fire extinguisher is a form of safety equipment in the case of an emergency. There are many safety cone supplier in Malaysia that not just selling safety cone but also other safety equipment like a fire extinguisher and many more.

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Road bums and bollards

It is important to ensure that cars entering the office compound is driving at low speed to avoid accidents. Finding rubber hump supplier and placing them every few meters on the external compound can slow down the speed of cars. Bollards from bollard supplier can also avoid cars from making the wrong turn. Check out Akasia Commercial Products to know more about the safety equipment.

3. Washroom equipment

Hygiene is the top priority thing to look out for as a company with bad hygiene can contribute to an unhealthy working environment.

Hand soap

A hand soap dispenser supplier can help install hand soap dispensers in washrooms so that people can wash their hands clean after using the toilet which carries a lot of bacteria.

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Tissue supply

Placing tissue in toilet stalls can save the trouble of many and allow people to use toilets in peace. If placing one tissue dispenser in every toilet stall is too much, you can opt to place one outside of the stalls for general use. This can save cost too. Tissue paper manufacturers usually use recycled paper for the tissues and sell at a cheaper price too.

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