Wood Decking Malaysia: The Wooden Flooring Installations Industry

The floor of a house or office can contribute a lot to the whole environment. It is essential to create the theme of the whole space. Therefore, the furniture that you purchase must match with the type of flooring you have.

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That goes without saying, choosing the right flooring for your home or office is important as different types of flooring will give out different feelings. Not only it is used to set the theme up, but it is also can be used for different purposes as well. There are certain floorings that are more popular in certain countries.

Types of Flooring

There are three main types of flooring: tiles, carpet and wood. Each of these floorings serves different purposes. For example, carpet keeps your feet warmer compared to tiles making it widely used in countries with cold weather.

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Some flooring choices, however, are in some ways already set like tiles are commonly used in the bathrooms. For outdoor use, timber decking is popular as it is made to provide a nice space over the grass in your backyard.

1. Tiles

These tiles are usually ceramic or porcelain tiles. It is hard to go wrong with tiles as it comes in many different designs that suit your preferred style of decor. Tiles have always been the best option for bathrooms, dining areas and kitchens. It is easier to clean compared to other choices, it is usually placing at places that tend to get dirtier.

Choosing tiles as your flooring option gives you more versatility because you can get to choose from various designs such as tiny mosaics to wood looking tiles.

Do take note that tiles do come in many surface textures, so choose carefully based on the location you wish to place it in. For example, tiles with rougher textures should be placed in the bathroom for non-slip function. On the other hand, porcelain and glazed ceramic tiles are the most durable and they require little maintenance.

2. Carpet

The term carpet flooring itself is self-explanatory. It is a popular choice for those who are looking for warmth and softness. It comes in many colours and styles and can be installed quickly. Because of its warm and soft feature, it is usually placed in places like bedrooms and living rooms.

If you are looking to build a mini home theatre, carpets can be a great choice too as it absorbs sound and can cancel the sound echoes. This also explains why most cinemas use carpet as their flooring. Obviously, it should never be used in bathrooms or kitchens as carpets are relatively hard to clean.

3. Wood laminate

Waterproof laminate flooring is a low-cost alternative to solid wood flooring, also known as hardwood. They are made of wood pulp and resin and can look a lot like real wood. However, in terms of long-lasting, the laminate cannot be repaired once damaged and must be replaced with new pieces.

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4. Vinyl floor

Vinyl is a form of easy to install tiles, sheet forms and planks. Waterproof laminate flooring is highly durable and moisture-resistant. It also comes in a wide variety of colours and style that makes it an ideal choice for home decor options.

They are widely used in areas like kitchen, dining area, laundry room and bathroom. The great perk about the vinyl floor is not only about its cost-friendliness, but it is easy to installed and still looking great even you could get it at the cheap price.

5. Wood decking

Floor decking, more specifically timber decking is a beautiful flooring to any residential home. It is typically used outdoors as a spot for entertainment or house parties. However, when placed outdoors, some woods will decay over time because of the harsh weather.

Thus, for a more long-lasting option, a lot of solid wood flooring supplier use composite wood decking which is a hybrid of wood fibres and recycled plastic, made to resist rain and sun. They are also used near places with pools.

Flooring Decking Company Malaysia

iLiving Homes is a floor decking company that tops the list of laminate flooring companies. They provide a wide range of services and they often offer promotions during special seasons when the request for house renovation increases.

One of the promotions includes the vinyl flooring Malaysia promotion. To ask for the price, an enquiry is needed as they do not give much information about the price on their website. If you are looking for timber flooring price, it should be about standard as other places.

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