3 Ways to advertise your Corporate Video Production Malaysia

As you know, keeping up with the trend has always being a challenging tasked especially in the business world. Neglecting the opportunity to change for better sake would be a grave mistake even for the giant corporations.

This is because staying with the current also meant keeping up with the rapidly changing technologies will be a crucial moment in leading the race against the other competitors.

Therefore, you could utilise the use of technology and the online platform to advertise your business online as the majority of corporate video production in Malaysia have been using the online platform to leverage their business.

There is a thousand easier and more affordable way to effectively advertise your business online without spending a fortune on the marketing.

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  1. Social Media

It would be unwise to overlook the influence of social media in helping you to grow business globally and attain more potential profit.

An effective marketing strategy is not just about the meticulous planning but how the impact of the strategy could deliver a unique and deep impression to the potential customers.

In fact, much other business corporate using social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as one their platforms to create specific advertisements and promoting the messages.

Ask any top videographer in Malaysia, they often using their own social media channel to promoting their content and gaining tremendous follower thanks to its effectiveness.

Furthermore, the majority of film production company in Malaysia adopting the use of social networks to promote their film or movies which are proven to be an effective method that could engage the viewer on a larger scale.

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  1. Make an Informational graphics

For your information, YouTube held the record as the second largest search engine in the world! This makes that the strategy of using video advertising king of the kings.

In a matter of fact:

  • 93% of marketers are using video for their campaigns.
  • 84% are using video for website marketing.
  • 82% confirmed that video brings a positive impact on the business.


The stats don’t lie! Basically, it is an entirely new way of reaching your target audiences! The method of using the informational graphics or also known as infographics, that using visually display data that make this method to be easy to understand.

This form of communication has become a popular method as humans tend to remember 70% of what that see and hear. Many video production companies in Malaysia opt to use this form of strategy to advertise and viral their video post-production in Malaysia via YouTube.

Although YouTube does provide a free way to distribute promotional video on this platform, the vital factor that determines its effectiveness is when you put up the content that people want to view and relevant to your business.

Just by a simple advertisement eventually will not work and could backfire as it could capture your audience attention. Thus, be authentic and creative in creating a video content which will become your own core competency of your business.

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  1. Consider business affiliate or influencer

Collaborating with the business affiliate or with someone influential like popular bloggers is another alternative way of promoting your business.

By reaching out and working together with popular bloggers is one of the effective ways to market your business online as it could increase the brand awareness.

There is numerous event management company in Malaysia find the popular blogger to writes about a particular subject that directly correlates to your line of business.

It is a type of collaborative advertising as if you could help them to add value to their post while they will be asked to review your product or service through their blog.

Perhaps, the great review could help you to gain a terrific publicity and boosting your reputation.

In addition, you also could collaborate with the event companies in Malaysia to share and advertise your products or services.

This is a very good option to get discovered by others and eventually get some traffic. You could hold a contest through the event which indirectly promoting your product with the audience right on the spot.


In shorts, those marketing techniques will take time and won’t give instant sales or traffic in a short period.

But as long as you are passionate about what you are doing and able to add value, you will have a fruitful result as the effects will build up over time

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