Penetration Test Service: A General View of Penetration Testing

In recent years, the internet is becoming more dangerous and technology continues to advance. As the saying goes, the internet is just like a double-edged sword. There has been an increase of cybercrime cases in Malaysia as hackers are obtaining the latest technology to hack into systems for various reasons. Click here to find out more on how to prevent the cases from happening.

These cybercrimes are usually involving computer and other devices where the computers and other devices are integral to the offence such as online fraud or identity theft.  Common types of cybercrime include hacking, online scams and fraud, identity theft, attacks on computer systems and illegal or prohibited online content.

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It is sad to see how there are people misusing the advantages of the internet to do harmful things. The next best thing that we can do to counter this issue is to prevent things from happening. When the damage is done, it is hard to revert things back. This can be done with the help of the pentest company in Malaysia and is especially an important procedure for companies carrying private data. There are many penetrations testing companies that provide multiple services that can help you counter many types of cybercrime.

Which companies need penetration testing?

Depending on the size and nature of a company, not all company will require a penetration testing service provider to help. Some companies have their own IT department where they are knowledgeable about cybersecurity. Penetration testing consists of a more complex and foolproof way of preventing your system from attacks.

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Besides the size of the company, some companies are required by law to have a pen test. This would apply to companies like digital forensic Malaysia companies and computer forensics companies as they heavily rely on confidential data. With the execution of penetration testing on companies, it will improve the defense mechanism of forensic services as the leak of any information can do a lot of damage and even turn into a political issue. Check out LGMS Malaysia for the most experienced forensic service provider.

Generally, penetration testing can get very costly. Thus, if not required by law, companies that are big will be able to afford and may perform this test on an annual basis. However, companies that are small to the medium may never perform this test, or at most once per two years. Those companies that are required by law to do so such as PCI DSS companies have no choice but to pay a sum for the tests. There are usually long-term contracts for companies like this so that the price can be kept lower.

What other things does a penetration testing company provide

Besides the usual penetration testing, these companies also provide training for IT security in Malaysia for the relevant staffs of the company, especially the IT team. It is important to educate the staffs on the cause and effects of cybercrimes and the importance of prevention. Then, the IT team would be taught on the basic prevention and recovery methods of a cybercrime. Besides that, the cask training course is available for companies to choose from and see which one is the most suitable for them. Upon completion, they would receive a cox certification training in Malaysia.

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To summarize, it is always important to find the top pen test companies to help improve your system and avoid cybercrimes. The type of test that will be performed includes targeting testing, external testing, and internal testing. With these tests, there are a few steps to figure out if there are any possible threats to the company’s externally visible servers like domain name server (DNS), firewalls and email servers. It is finding the loopholes in the system and solving it to make it foolproof.

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